Poultry Boarding Hen holidays for your little girls!

If you are going on holiday and want your hens to be well looked after while you are away, why not book our poultry boarding service? We like to call it “Perch & Pellets” rather than Bed & Breakfast! As part of the service they’ll be provided with a suitably sized individual coop & run on our site. We’ll provide the daily rations that they need and take good care of them.

It’s subject to availability and we get booked up during the peak times (such as summer school holidays) so please book early if you can. The charge for the poultry boarding service is £1.50 per bird per night with a minimum charge of £35 (this includes VAT  and covers the cost of cleaning and preparing a coop, which we still need to do even for short stays). We are sometimes able to offer discounts if you have lots of birds or for very long stays.

Call us on 0782 118 7160 to check availability and to book your chucks in.

Poultry Boarding Terms and Conditions

• The Poultry Boarding Service applies to Hens only –No cockerels or waterfowl.

• You need to agree the day and time that you will drop the birds off with us at least a couple of days in advance. You need to agree the day and time that you will pick
the birds up when you leave the birds with us. Please contact us in advance if you want to change the times.

• The birds will be inspected when they arrive to ensure they appear in good health. We may treat the birds for mites when they arrive. We may refuse to take birds if they appear to have an infectious disease.

• Unless otherwise arranged we will feed the birds on Layers Pellets only during their stay.

• Chickens will be shut in the Coop at night, in daytime they will be given access to a covered run. This is to prevent them from mixing with other birds on the site.

• Chickens will have a minimum of 20cm perch space per bird, Where possible we will provide a minimum Run space 1 square metres per bird. Coops will be cleaned out prior to putting the birds in it. We will add chopped straw bedding and diatom mite control powder. We will clean the coops and replace the bedding as we see necessary during their stay.

• If a bird becomes unwell we will try to contact you to agree a course of action. If we cannot contact you we will make a decision ourselves. You will be liable for any Vet fees.