The Poultry Paddock Chickens for sale in Staffordshire

Free Range Turkeys

I’m taking orders for our Christmas, these our our free range turkeys, reared in the woodland. They’re slow growing Blacks and Bronzes, See here or call / text 0782 118 7160 for details.

Chickens for sale, Feed and Accessories

Chickens for the 2021 season are in stock now and available for collection or local delivery.

We have the following breeds:

Columbian Blacktails – Light Sussex – Black Rock /Rhode Rock- White Stars – Bluebells – Speckled – Barred Rocks – Cheshire Blues – Russett Greens – Copper Black Marans – French Marans – Lohmann Browns.

Our Staffordshire Poultry farm serves Stoke on Trent, Newcastle Under Lyme, Stafford and Cheshire

Chickens for sale - the Poultry PaddockThe Poultry Paddock is a family venture located in Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire. We have chickens for sale as well as ducks, quail, Poultry Supplies and housing. It’s just a couple of minutes from Junction 15 of the M6 so it is easy to reach us from surrounding areas, such as the West Midlands and Cheshire.

Not just Chickens for Sale! – We can supply Chickens, feed and accessories including our own poultry healthcare products. So if you are starting out keeping chickens we can supply everything you need to get started. The Poultry Paddock is open by appointment only. Therefore if you want to view the hens please call us on 0782 118 7160 or email us at

Eggs and more!

As well as Chickens for sale we keep our own egg laying flocks at the Poultry Paddock. Almost all of our own birds are the same breeds that you see for sale on this site. Of these our favourites are Blackrocks, Whitestars, Maran Hybrids and Cheshire Blues. This mix of birds provides a great range of different coloured eggs, we get light brown, deep brown, bright white and blue eggs. This is so much more exciting than the boring brown eggs that you get from shops.

We apply all the ethical principles to our own flocks that we promote on the webpage. Our birds are kept in small flocks, usually no more than 30 in a house and all the egg layers have freedom to range over the whole site. I only expect to find them indoors if they are sleeping or laying an egg! The site we have provides them with plenty of vegetation, insects and grit to supplement their diet. They also have areas they can shelter and areas that they can have dust baths. Our hens live a long and happy life rather than being culled after a single season as they would be in a commercial poultry farm. We are rewarded with the best eggs for miles.

Egg Sales

You can buy our eggs from our honesty box, Hen, Duck and Quail eggs are restocked daily. They must be good, we sell out on most days. You’ll only appreciate eggs more than these if you have your own hens.

Organic Free Range Table Birds

We also rear Organic Chickens, our organic meat products are available once a month, please phone for details.

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2 years ago
Keepers Cottage Organics

Good Afternoon!

Wr have meat available this weekend.

Fresh Organic Free Range Chicken, some Pork still available.


Frozen Chicken Breasts in packs of 2.
£14/kg ... See more

2 years ago

These little'ns aren't even 3 weeks old and they're already out and about enjoying the sunshine!

2 years ago
Photos from Poultry Paddock's post

We've got plenty of fresh eggs for sale from our free range hens kept on the Poultry paddock on Northwood Lane.

Eggs are sold in boxes of 6 as follows:

Standard eggs are £1.50 for a box of six. ... See more

2 years ago
Photos from Poultry Paddock's post

Our Organic Chickens are available this weekend!

Locally reared in Newcastle Under Lyme by Keepers Cottage Organics.

Our Chickens are available for local delivery to the Stoke on Trent & Newcastle ... See more

2 years ago

Geese have started to lay.... Must get some bigger boxes!

2 years ago

Are you ready for pancake day?

2 years ago

Pure Honey is back in stock.

2 years ago
Rode Hall Farmers Market

Monthly farmers market with 70+ local & artisan food/craft stalls at Rode Hall plus tea room, live music & children's activities. Great for all the family.

2 years ago

2019 Poultry Season is underway - we have the first Hybrid Hens for sale now.
See our website for details: