Free Range Organic Chicken More than Free Range


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Free Range Organic Chickens - Colouryield
Free Range Organic Chickens - Hubbard 757
Free Range Organic Chickens
Free Range Organic Chickens - Hubbard 787

Free Range Organic Chickens Vs Conventional Free range – What is the difference?

Poultry Paddock is establishing organic poultry production at new House Farm in Acton. It is our mission to rear poultry to the highest standards. This is better for the birds and it is better for you.  Organic poultry production requires the highest standard of animal welfare. These are the main differences compared with conventional free range production:

  • Smaller flocks, so less stressful communities of chickens
  • Slower growing breeds. So hens are healthier, better equipped for a genuine free range lifestyle and the meat has more taste and texture
  • Non-GMO diet. The chickens do not eat any genetically modified feed
  • More space in the houses. So less stress, less bullying and healthier chickens
  • More space on the range. so more pasture that they forage on
  • No routine use of antibiotics
  • No mutilations such as beak trimming or wing clipping
  • Grazing on organic pasture, farmed for many years without synthetic fertilisers, pesticides or weedkillers
  • We rotate the pasture regularly so that the land recovers. Consequently parasites and nitrogen do not build up in the soil

You can read about how we built our mobile poultry units and set up organic production here: Our Organic Project